Sales and CRM

A fully-integrated sales process allows you to manage the sale from Quote to Invoice. With everything in one place it's easy keep track of your sales pipeline. Simple orders are easy to create, but there are enough features to handle even the most complex pricing and sales arrangement.

  • Pricing based on quantity,customer, or category
  • Full commissions support
  • Item Certifications support
  • Partial Shipments and Invoicing

Create quotes that can be converted to sales orders.

Relative due dates (e.g. 20 days instead of a specific date) based on item.

Sales Orders

A feature-rich sales order screen allows you to track the approval status and issue associated work orders. , international shipping, or order acknowledgement.

Full Reports

  • Order Confirmations
  • International shipping
  • Backorder
  • Print Ticket


Partial shipping and invoicing is supported to allow for shipping and invoicing the goods ready today

Item certifications are automatically placed onto external reports.

Full Reports

  • Packing Slips
  • Bill of Lading
  • International versions for customs
  • Customizable addresses for consignee and final destination