A feature-rich purchasing process allows you to control every aspect of purchasing inventory. Quality control, vendor relations, and partial receipts will enable you to acurately record purchases.

Qty-Based Lead Times

  • Partial receipts
  • Inspections and rejections
  • Assign lots to receipts
  • Qty-based lead times
  • Consignment stock
  • Vendor-specific item terms
Issue PO

Purchase orders tied to MRP allow you to have full control of incoming inventory. Status, notes and vendor information give you the knowledge to manage the inventory you need.

Partial Reciepts

Issue partial receipts, each with it's own lot, quality control tests and certifications.

Receipt Actions
  • Print certifications
  • Perform inspecetions
  • Convert to Bill
  • Assign Lots
Inspections and Rejections
Inspections can be set at the item level or the PO level. Upon receipt items required inspection are displayed.

Specify the inspection
  • Name
  • Frequency
  • Tollerance min and max
  • Sample Size